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IVF embryos on endometrial cell coculture using cells from the mother’s own uterine lining These day 3 embryos are being “cocultured” with the endometrium cells Endometrial cells are in the background – forming a monolayer on the bottom of the culture flask.

Most commonly the eggs and sperm are mixed together on the day of egg retrieval without the coculture cells. The next morning, after identification of the fertilized eggs (called zygotes), these embryos are then transferred on to the coculture cells which have been prepared several days in advance. The embryos are then cultured with the helper cells until the time of embryo transfer. This is usually two more days of culture.

We take sample from endometrium day of 21 from the menstrual cycle and we start to prepare culture cells in our laboratory and we transfer the embryos in blastocyst stage together with endometrial culture cells.