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Endometrial scratch  (scratching)



The endometrial scratching is done in 1 or maximum 2 cycles before the planned embryo transfer so as to improve the circulation in the endometrium and for a better and more efficient embryo implantation.

The procedure itself involves scarring or injury of the uterine endometrium from Novak’s probe or very small Kyrenia. The intervention is performed under ultrasound control, under a speculum, and on the patient’s requirement under anesthesia. The intervention is painless and short.

The intervention is planned in advance, an antibiotic therapy is started 3 days before the planned intervention and the cycle in which the intervention is carried out starting from the hormonal replacement therapy, in order to achieve full potential of intervention. The intervention is performed after a proof of lack of vaginal and cervical infection (negative microbial swabs) and after extensive cleansing before and after with Betadine solution.

The intervention carries the risk of spreading the infection in the upper parts of the reproductive organ (uterus, tubes and ovaries as well as small pelvis) perforation of the uterus, injuries to nearby organs, bladder, bowel, etc.