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Financial support



New Born Clinic has an agreement with the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia for in vitro procedures under the  PHI TD Inanna SYSTEM.

Pursuant to this agreement, anyone who has a health insurance in the country can submit documents in the fund and is entitled to 3 attempts at the expense of the first child fund and three attempts at the expense of the fund for the second child. Also, the patients can use the voucher for donated donor cells from a donor and they can use the same voucher issued by the Fund for an in vitro procedure with donated ovarian cells for the ovarian cells, as well as donated seed material from the sperm bank. If the patients take option number two, donated material from the bank then they just pay for the ordered material. A patient or a couple who has decided to make a IVF procedure with the donated material must undergo a legal process of the legal commission for donated gametes at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia. During a person’s process from our team will guide you through the whole process.

The Newborn Clinic has an agreement with Halkbank AD, an in-vitro credit program, for which you can apply to our clinic.

Newborn Clinic offers high quality services and technology at very affordable prices.